Adam Menconi, Founder

Adam Menconi embodies what it means to be a top ranking agent in Sonoma County. His high energy, in-depth knowledge and extreme passion for Real Estate have allowed him to consistently outrank other Real Estate experts since 2003.  He is highly sought after and has worked with countless families, entrepreneurs and savvy real estate investors.


Adam is not your average realtor. What makes him different is his ability to wear many hats. As a Real Estate expert, investor and developer, he is able to effectively gauge the market, which is a crucial component when buying and selling a property.


Real Estate investing has also equipped him with the unique ability to fully understand his clients’ needs, navigate fluctuations in the market, and provide razor-sharp accuracy in pricing assessments. It has also allowed him to deliver invaluable tips to his clients that have drastically improved the value of their properties.


A gifted straight-shooter with mastery in all aspects of Real Estate, paired with out-of-the-box marketing techniques, Adam’s leadership and long-range thinking has proven instrumental to his clients and to the industry as a whole.


Adam’s team is committed to your success and involves everyone from inspectors to general contractors and stagers, all focused on the single goal of giving you the best possible customer experience during your real estate transaction.